OSAM Linux / open source drivers
Drivers available
Device DriverLicensenotes
BNS SLM 512bnsslm.tar.gz GPL
Driver works well, hardware limited performance. Works for cards that require scrambling - not tried on newer firmware. Please appreciate that despite performance ~1000fps from pci card to slm the fastest we have managed from host to slm is around 300fps on a fast computer. The 2.xx drivers contain both k2.4 and 2.6 drivers as well as a simple user library and example code / utilities.
Not SMP safe.
PC 26 AT / pc26at
ISA a2d card
Various origins
pc26at.tar.gz Full GPL This is an old A2D ISA subsytem, there are many variations- we had a manufacturers hardware manual with register level details from Amplicon which was very useful. We don't have the PCI versions but would write a driver for one if some one gave use a card and details.
If you have a variation on this system you could use this driver as a starting point for programming it.
Includes a binary device and a text based device for script programming. It should use the /proc filesystem for handling the text interface but we wrote this quite a while ago and haven't bothered to update it. An old version compatible for kernel 2.2 is available.
Not SMP safe.
GPIB ISA subsystems based on 7210 chips
Includes many cards from many manufacturers, we have three different variations.
gpib_7210.tar.gz GPL-
There are many variation on this device, the driver should support all of them with a little hacking. Bascially you need to find the base address and the distance between adjacent addresses (it does vary..) then you should be away.
A very simple driver to use, it creates 32 devices each one corresponding to a node on the GPIB bus. To talk to that node you just do I/O on the appropriate device- easy eh?
We didn't bother with anything more complicated like parallel polling but this is very easy to implement with the existing driver, you just need to care enough to bother to code it.
DisplayTech SLiM driver displaytech_slim.tar.gz GPL Not so much a driver - more a user space library - out paces the DisplayTech driver quite a lot
PI stages PCI motor controller cards pi_driver_v0.62.tar.gz GPL kernel driver, LGPL library A full device driver and userspace library for the PI PCI card motion controller. Sponsored by PI. Not SMP. Not multicard. Only tested on a four axis card. Provides a high degree of compatibility with PI's windows driver. pi_driver_v0.54.tar.gz was the latest tested version. pi_driver_v0.61.tar.gz is thought to be stable and a feature release but not widely tested. pi_driver_v0.62.tar.gz is a minor bugfix / feature release. Use this one.
PI stages ISA motor controller cards PI_stages.tar.gz GPL for my mods, (c) PI for the original driver A simple hack for the PI stage library
Makes a user space driver for their cards- not perfect but gives nice functionality for PI stages using 2 and 4 motor controller ISA cards

Fishcamp PCI 3x32 DIO fishcamp_dio.tar.gz(k2.4) / dio_2.6_1.0.tar.gz GPL Good driver, supported by Fishcamp. Card performs exactly to spec, no trouble whatsoever.
If you need a simple, fast DIO card I would have no hesitation recommending this one or Fishcamp