LaTeX / open source electronic forms

Feed up with people supplying forms in Word, Excel or some other non-portable format? Tired of your forms self destructing on use (often after you have filled in 70 percent)?

Well here are some forms that are emulated in LaTeX for you- they aren't anything special but they do a fair job of emulating the real thing- the biggest problem is usually trying to emulate the ugliness of the original form.

The forms don't (but could) do fancy things like add up your sums and they don't use free formating based on variables so you will have to have a working knowledge of LaTeX to use them. However in our experience they work, they work well, they are simple, they are straight forward to use (even for a novice) and most importantly they are reliable - they simply don't self destruct.

All forms contain designs owned by their original creators- all the LaTeX coding is GPL'd and (c) belongs to the LaTeX implementation author(s).

How does it work?-
Each form is transferred to the down load directory as form_name.tex, the form is then built using pdflatex and latex2html to generate pdf and html previews. So what you can typically see in the download directory is:
What you want is `form_name.tex'. The directory contains an html preview (not very accurate).

We offer the following forms
Proposal form JE-SRP1 (new form) V1.0 / July 2003je-srp1_epsrc.texGood form - very useful.


Note: this has 2 landscape pages - to print these pages correctly follow the notes in the form or use the je-srp1_epsrc.script script to print (easy).

Proposal form RP1 (obsolete form)epsrc_rp1.texObsolete use the JE-SRP1 form instead
Royal Society
Grant proposal formrs_grant_form.texOk - fiddly but good
Travel grant formrs_travel_grant.texTerrible form - avoid
Nottingham University forms
Letter templateNU_letter.texOk
Memo templeateNU_memo.texOk
Staff expensesNU_staff_expenses.texOk - useful

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