Applied Optics and Ultrasonics Research Seminars timetable.

Here you will find a list of talks given in the 2004-2005 academic year.

October 2004
7  (confirmed) Jonathan Aylott (Pharmacy) "Applying fluorescent nanosensors to measure the intracellular environment"
14 (confirmed) John Crowe (AO), "The amplitude and wavelength dependance of the photoplethysmogram signal (pulse oximetry trace) scattered from tissue"
21 (confirmed) Richard Challis (UNDE), "Ultrasonics: sounds good for process monitoring"
28 (confirmed) Peter Chang (AO) "Ray Tracing in Absorbing Media"

November 2004
4  (confirmed) Mark Pitter (AO) "Harmonic Vibration Analysis Using a Custom Modulated Light Camera"
11 (confirmed) Paul Wilcox (Mech Eng, Bristol)"Inspecting large structures using guided acoustic waves"
18 (confirmed) Jing Zhang (AO) "Solid Immersion Lens Optical Microscopy and Its Application to Surface Plasmon Imaging"
25 (confirmed) David Klenerman (Cambridge) "Scanning ion conductance microscopy and its chemical and biological applications", cross advertise in Pharmacology and Chemistry

December 2004

2 (confirmed) Peter Smith (EEE, Loughborough) "Sensing the sixth vital sign"
9 (confirmed) Dr Alexander Goncharov (Physics, NUI Galway) "MCAO (multi-conjugate adaptive optics) for future giant telescopes"
16 (confirmed) Darryl Almond, (Materials Research Centre, Bath University) "Complex electrical networks formed by the microstructure of materials; their determination of the electrical characteristics of materials and related mechanical and thermal properties"
23 Closed

30 Closed

January 2005
6  No talk
13 (confirmed) Mike Somekh (AO) "Green's function approach to surface wave microscopy"
20 (no talks - AFPAC week) If you wish to arrange a talk here let me know - Matt
27 (confirmed) Steve Sharples (AO) "Realtime higher order correction of acoustic aberrations"

February 2005
3  (confirmed) Przemek Dmochowski (AO) "Towards high speed modulated light cameras"
10 (confirmed) Carl Paterson (IC) "Adaptive optics, atmospheric turbulence and quantum optical communications"
17 (confirmed) Shugang Liu (AO) "WSPR Microscopy, potential application to assay antibodies"
24 (confirmed) Spyros Manolopoulos "Technology transfer of semiconductor detectors; from Particle Physics to Bio-Medical Applications"

March 2005
3  (confirmed) Christ Glorieux (Acoustic and Thermal Physics, Catholic University of Leuven) "Laser ultrasonic material and defect characterization" - christ.glorieux AT
10 (confirmed) Jose Hernandez (AO)"Using acoustic aberration to make measurements" +
   (confirmed) Jiang (AO) "Experimental confirmation of non-scanning fluorescence confocal microscopy using speckle illumination"
17 (confirmed) Nader Saffari "Ultrasonics at UCL: medical to materials"
24 (confirmed) Jason Goh (AO) "100nm resolution with a scanning surface wave fluorescence microscope"
31 (confirmed) Steve Morgan (AO) "Polarised light imaging of superficial tissue"

April 2005
7 (confirmed) Chung See (AO) "Artificial Neural Networks and Optical Linewidth Measurement"
14 (provisional) Ian Sexton (De Montfort University, Leicester) "3D TV - Hype or Hope?" (sexton at
21 (confirmed) Richard Smith (AO) "Combined Optical Instrument and Artificial Neural Network for Trackwidth Measurement"
28 (confirmed) Paul Beard (UCL) "Fabry Perot polymer film sensors for broadband ultrasound field characterisation and imaging"

May 2005
5    (confirmed) Roger Light (AO)"Low Frequency Modulated Light Detection with an Integrating Lock-In"
12 End of teaching