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Richard Smith

Electronic engineer, specialities: optics, microscopy, femtoseconds lasers, ps ultrasonics. I completed my PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2006 at the UoN. My early work focused on optical metrology and signal processing techniques to enable precise measurements to be made below the optical diffraction limit. I have been developing several picosecond ultrasonic systems at UoN, and have successfully developed a parallel detection scheme that has increased the data acquisition rate by over an order of magnitude compared with the traditional detector approach. Current research themes are developing instrumentation to provide true orientation imaging of material microstructure in primarily aerospace materials, and developing high frequency ultrasonic transducers for biological applications Location: Tower Building – Applied optics office Room 202 or Ultrafast lab room 304, Pharmacy Building – SIOS, ASOPS lab Email: Phone: (0115) 84-67892 (office) or 95-15606 (lab)

Current Project EMDA SRAS project demonstrator

Advanced Ultrasonics Platform grant

Previous Projects

Exotic Ultrasonics for the real world - Ultrafast

This is a laser ultrasonics experiment where the project aims are to measure many channels of GHz ultrasound to help to improve data acquisition rates and to allow a wider range of experiments to be performed. This involves research into both electronic and optical developments.


Thesis describes the combination of an optical system and artificial neural network to dramatically increase the measurement range of the optical system. Track width structures as small as 60nm were successfully measured with an optical system of 0.3 NA.