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Printers How to print to the Epson colour printer (PDF). Printer Queue Management - local access only. See Steve for password. Order forms for ordering toner cartridges for the AO Epson Colour Printers. No toner? then order some! Print one of these out, get a member of staff to sign it, take it to Roy Bishop or Jo on the ground floor, and collect the toner from stores when it arrives. AO local documentation VLSI Web Pages. Useful info for VLSI users, set up by Roger Light. Includes: No More Flipping Documentation concerning the O-SAM and ARRO-SAM hardware (PDF) Installing comedi device drivers Amplicon PCI230 installation documentation (PDF) EAGLE PCB Export Page. How to export EAGLE files for use in CircuitCAM. Brief EAGLE PCB Export Page. As above, brief description only. Common network settings Eagle PCB -> PCBTrain Export Mini How-To. LaTeX thesis template (PDF). A very short guide on some salient points for using LaTeX to write your thesis. See also the thesis template (ZIP file). Other resources Web pages and links Applied Optics Job Vacancies Applied Optics Group "Offical" EEE Webpage EEE Homepage University of Nottingham Homepage UoN Research Pages | The ISsue (Information Services eBulletin) | Exchange Magazine | Bridging the Gaps Drivers, code and useful bits and bobs VXI11 Ethernet Protocol for Linux. Open source VXI11 RPC protocol, user library and example code (talk to Agilent, Tektronix etc). Linux Drivers for Tektronix Oscilloscopes and Arbitrary Function Generators (built on the VXI-11 protocol and user library) Linux Drivers for Agilent Infiniium Oscilloscopes (built on the VXI-11 protocol and user library) Lecroy TCP Page. How to get Linux to talk to an ethernet-equipped Lecroy scope. Hardware Linux/open source drivers. List of drivers, mostly written by Matt. Matt's Direct search, computer generated hologram design software LaTeX / open source electronic forms. Produced by Matt.