Eagle PCB -> PCBTrain Export Mini How-To

Steve D. Sharples

Last update: 30 March 2011
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This Mini Howto explains how to export PCBs designed using EAGLE PCB by CadSoft into a format suitable for submission to PCBTrain.com, a division of Newbury Electronics. PCB Train is normally where we get our PCBs made externally, here at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Nottingham, UK. Neither the author, the School nor the University endorses or otherwise any particular PCB manufacturer; this is just personally the one I use, and I know a lot of other people who use Eagle also do too.

The export process is very easy; this page mainly contains simple instructions, some configuration files (design rules and CAM jobs), and some simple shell scripts to make the export process easy. Note that the configuration files are applicable to all the architectures that Eagle supports (and to its credit, it supports Linux, Windows and Mac OSX at the time of writing); the shell scripts will only work in Linux, and possible OS X (though I haven't tried them). They are just for convenience, they are not obligatory.

It's also worth noting that CadSoft run a very active EAGLE Forum, which is actually a set of news groups in English and German. If you cannot find the answer to your question either here or in the manuals (click "Program", then "manual-eng.pdf" or "tutorial-eng.pdf") then joining and posting on the newsgroup is well worth a try.

The Export Process

Sending Your Design To PCBTrain

This is relevant only to members of EEE at the University of Nottingham - everyone else should go to PCBTrain.com for information.

Your PCB(s) will appear in Engineering Faculty Stores when it/they arrive.