Word to text or pdf conversion

So you have a word doc and want it in plain text or pdf format?
Enter the file name below, select text or pdf and this page will convert it for you if it can.
Note that big and complex files may fail because there is a limit to how much CPU can be used by this script

Convert this word document to text or .pdf ---

This service is based on the excellent antiword program which is available from http://www.winfield.demon.nl/

Worth knowing: this service is based on simple scripts that assume one user at a time, if several people use it at once then you might end up with the wrong document!

Also this service is not secure, anyone can read your word document from the time you convert until the next conversion has taken place. Do not use it for anything confidential.

A common error (resulting in no document or a blank document is to supply the filename but not the complete path. Some browsers require a fully qualified path to locate the file.
Another possible problem resulting in empty pdf documents is that the word document was encoded using UTF-8, antiword does not support conversion from UTF-8 to postscript (yet) so my script can't produce pdfs (text is usually OK). Also it is possible that during a system upgrade or something the shell encoding could be changed to UTF-8 which can confuse antiword - if you get this problem and it is the same for a few word docs let Matt know "about a potential antiword-UTF-8 problem (/etc/sysconfig/i18n)".