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See also Getting Email Working

Syncing University of Nottingham Exchange 2007 Calendar to Thunderbird + Lightning

Works under SuSE 11.4 (and presumably later versions), running Thunderbird 13.0. If Thunderbird isn't installed, then install it from within Yast, or use zypper ("zypper search thunderbird" to find it, then "sudo zypper install MozillaThunderbird"). See Getting Email Working for instructions on how to set up email.

From within Thunderbird, go to Tools --> Add-ons. Search for and install Lightning (version 1.5.1 works) then restart Thunderbird. Go to Tools --> Add-ons again, search for "exchange". The one you want is "Exchange 2007/2010 Calendar and Tasks Provider" (version 1.8.5 works). Install it, and restart Thunderbird.

You should now have an extra panel down the right hand side of your Thunderbird window, with today's date at the top. There is also an extra "Events and Tasks" menu... from there, select "Calendar" and a new tab will open. On the left there is a monthly calendar, underneath that is the word "Calendar" and probably the word "Home". Right click somewhere in the empty space below that, and select "New Calendar..."

  • Select "On the Network", click "Next"
  • Select "Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010", click "Next"
  • Give your calendar a name, e.g. "Work calendar" or "Exchange calendar"
  • Make sure the correct email address is shown, e.g. "" and not one of the other email addresses you might have set up Thunderbird for (like gmail). Click "Next"
  • Make sure "Use Exchange's autodiscovery function" is NOT checked.
  • For "Server URL" enter:
  • For "Mailboxname" enter: (but obviously, replace eexzzz with your own username)
  • For "Username" enter: eexzzz (but obviously, replace eexzzz with your own username)
  • For "Domainname" enter: ad
  • Leave "Share FolderId" blank
  • Click "Check server and mailbox" which should by now have appeared. You will be asked for your username and password. Use ad/eexzzz for your username (it should already be correctly populated)
  • If successful, then straight away a couple more fields will appear, with values already selected: "Folderbase" (which says "Calendar folder") and "Path below folderbase" (which says "/"). Leave these alone.
  • Click "Next"
  • Your calendar should be created. It may take a short while for any existing events to be loaded.

That's it! Have a play around, it's fairly intuitive.

You can set up a Tasks calendar in the same way but by choosing "Tasks folder" instead of "Calendar folder" for "Folderbase".

Most of the information I got on how to do this, I got from a handy CERN website.


Steve Sharples