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The principle of operation of the optical fibre sensors based on various platforms is explained in Figure 1.
The principle of operation of the optical fibre sensors based on various platforms is explained in Figure 1.
[[file:OFS1.png|250px|left|alt=alt text|ASOPS pump probe instrument]]
[[file:OFS1.png|450px|left|alt=alt text| Figure 1]]

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Optical Fibre Sensors This research theme is devoted to the creation and fabrication of chemical sensors based on a range of sensing platforms modified with advanced functional nano-materials for applications in fields ranging from healthcare [1] and environmental monitoring [2] to food and beverage quality assessment [3]. Group is working on the development of the optical fibre sensors based on the long period gratings (LPGs) [4-10], fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs) [11], tapered optical fibres [12], evanescent wave spectroscopy [13] and refection optrodes [1] The principle of operation of the optical fibre sensors based on various platforms is explained in Figure 1.

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