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Getting Kmail Working

Recently whilst upgrading to Suse 11 KDE 4.0 I found that Kmail didn't work as usual when I logged in. Doing the normal I checked the wiki and couldn't find anything about this. What I found is that for some reason the Kmail settings did not transfer over to the new Kmail. As such I had to go to another machine with the older Kmail on it and pull them all off, this was annoying so to be helpful I have place the settings here.

Under 'Settings' in Kmail go to 'Configure'

Goto 'Accounts'

In 'Receiving' tab click add

Choose the 'IMAP' setting

Set the following in the 'General' tab:

  • Account name '='
  • Login '=' ad/'YOUREMAIL' (minus the garb)
  • Password '=' 'YOURPASSWORD'
  • Host '='
  • Port '=' 993

In the 'Security' tab select 'Use SSL for secure mail download'

Click ok

In 'Sending' tab click add

Set the following in the 'General' tab:

  • Name '='
  • Host '='
  • Port '=' 25

Click ok

All being well Kmail should function now. It is worth noting that Kmail no longer automatically puts a icon in your system tray this has to be turned on.

As ever written to be useful, if its not change it.