Installing KUbuntu 13.04

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This is still in the experimental migration stage - unless you specifically need to install KUbuntu, stick with installing OpenSUSE (11.4) on all new AOG PCs.

Some of the instructions on here have been taken from the installing OpenSUSE page/s. I've tried to simplify it and add specific KUbuntu problems/solutions. Due to the popularity of Ubuntu, a lot of software for linux has been written specifically for this OS (e.g. Makerware for the 3D printer), and whilst it may be possible to port over to OpenSUSE machines, the easiest/simplest solution is to fold and just use Ubuntu. The scope is to see if one/few PCs can be integrated into the AOG network with KUbuntu without much hassle.

Pre-installation checklist

- List of installed software by you and others who use the PC (skip if new PC) - Back up locally (not on network drives) stored files (skip if new PC) - Have access to boot setup/menu - very relavent for new PCs. If locked, contact university information service to come and unlock it, or better still, request it before placing PC order. - Make sure PC has DVD drive or find a portable one (can be installed with USB pen too) - Get information on PC CPU (32-bit/64-bit) and get correct KUbuntu disk (i586/x86_64)

Installation screens

I. Boot setup Often F2, sometime Del, could also be some other strange key shown when PC is starting up, press and wait for setup screen. Locate boot menu and put disk drive to the top of the boot list, save and exit.