Installing Kubuntu 18.04

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Few changes to 18.04

  • Network order has been somewhat fixed, you can use the network manager to set IP address/gateway/etc
  • SDDM is now an issue (formally KDM) - it loads before ubuntu has a chance to get NIS users. Additionally, it logs out users after a couple of minutes of use - can't figure why (possible graphics issue? not being able to immediately do something with users passwd/profile?). It is definitely not a power saving problem.
    • Fix for this is to use lightdm

sudo apt-get install lightdm-gtk-greeter lightdm

  • IS had changed some gateway settings, here's the new set of addresses to use for interfaces;
auto enp*s*
iface enp*s* inet static
address 128.243.74.***
  • To get a local (lab) network working (with devices that can set their own IP and point to as the gateway), add this to interfaces;
auto enp*s*
iface enp*s* inet static
* Restart networking using sudo systemctl restart networking