Installing Kubuntu 19.10

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Kubuntu 19.10(Eoan Ermine) is the latest release of Kubuntu. As it stands, it is not recommended to install 18.04 LTS is a better option. The notes below are the steps we've taken to kinda get it to work. Whilst 18.04 is the most recent LTS version, 20.04 LTS is due out April 2020 and we'll probably encounter the same issues then. If anyone has further solutions, please edit below and let Paul/Rikesh know.

After completing install/upgrading on restart you'll be unable to login as a network user. Try the following steps, make sure you're root:

Bin the perennially useless network manager

sudo apt-get purge Network-Manager

Set ypbind to autostart

sysv-rc-conf ypbind on

systemctl start rpcbind

Generate ypbind files, this might need more than one execution.


Restart ypbind

systemctl restart ypbind

Check ypbind has connected

ypbind -d

Auto mount the directories

systemctl restart autofs

All going well you should now be able to login with your normal username.