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  • Steve / Roger - a wiki page for setting up matlab, comsol, cadence etc would be dead handy linked here-- Robs attempt at


As of 17/04/2008 the following is availible through VPM:

  • Agilent
  • Cadence -Multiple versions
  • Comsol
  • Coventor
  • Design Kits
  • Eagle
  • Matlab - Multiple versions
  • Xilinx ISE -Multiple versions

Once suse hack are installed you should have access to partition /eee/vlsi to install software from VPM, to do this in a console type:

  • cd /eee/vlsi
  • vpm
  • Select software that you want installed by using arrow keys to scroll up/down and [enter] to select
  • Once you have selected all the software you want [tab] to "Quit", [enter]
  • ./updating/

This will install locally all the software you selected. This will take some time so I'd suggest you go make yourself a brew or fix my description of the process. Once this is completed everything should be installed and accessible from the applications tab under eee in the menu bar.


You can install eagle from the VPM unfortunately its a bit tricky in that the license does not sort itself out automatically (you don't want the freeware license), to fix this once in a console type:

  • cd /eee/vlsi/eagle/4.16r1/bin
  • sudo touch eagle.key
  • sudo chmod a+w eagle.key
  • cd ..; eagle &

This will bring up a licensing window. Back in the console type:

  • vim install.txt
  • Highlight and copy the code displayed

In the licensing window

  • Set the key location to: /eee/vlsi/eagle/4.16r1/license.key
  • Paste in the installation code from vim
  • Click Ok

Eagle should now run as expected.

Experimental software

See Extra stuff for Experimental PCs