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The SiOS Tower 202 not-Christmas dinner

The laser ultrasound SiOS Tower 202 not-Christmas dinner started out as a side outing from the then more populous and regimented iBiOS Christmas dinner. The idea was to be the opposite (in-spirit) of this Christmas dinner by having a smaller outing for a meal (and eventually drinks). Ironically, to maintain this idea of the event not ending up being 'forced fun' and the 'same thing every year', rules were imposed on the outing (which some organisers had decided to stretch). The rules are set out below:


1) No forced fun!

This means no secret Santa, force dress-up, or forced competitions, or even speeches.

2) Never to go to any restaurant that has an association with someone’s ethnic background in the group

This is to stop people complaining about how bad the food is compared to where they came from, but mostly so that we don't end up going to an Indian restaurant every year.

3) Never go to the same place twice and avoid a cuisine already tried

This is somewhat difficult in Nottingham, but has been maintained so far.

4) Must be affordable (currently £20-£30 a head) to accommodate students and must have good vegetarian/vegan options

5) To go somewhere interesting with good pub options nearby

Good pub is key here.

6) To sort out a date within a core group, then simply to ask if people would like to join on that date – no changing the date afterwards

People in this context would include others in OPG, past staff/students, external guests, etc. as long as numbers are managable.

7) This dinner is not a democracy - the organisers decision is non-negotiable!


[2013] - Chez Coors, Mansfield Road

Jamaican restaurant – organised by Teti. The first of our outings - this was buffet type restaurant where we could bring in our own alcohol. The only rule was to finish what’s on the plate before getting more food. Fernando refused to attend due to a ‘driving related’ occurrence.

[2014] - Ania Polish, Mansfield Road

Polish restaurant – joint organised by Rikesh and Fernando. It was opened up to a load more people on A/B floor in SoLS and 2nd floor tower (up to about 25 here). Much more chaotic with a tiny restaurant and people not remembering what they ordered. We were ordered to a pub that used to Matt’s local.

[2015] - Marrakech Moroccan, City Centre

Moroccan restaurant – organised by Sinead (influenced by MS). The first (and only) lunchtime outing – the food and drink were not best received i.e. bad wine and cold food when it arrived. Pub visits afterwards were ok though.

[2016] - Habesha Restaurant, Alfreton Road

Ethiopian restaurant – organised by Rikesh and Emily Judd. The first outing opened up to the entire group. An exiting outing for most as its not a common cuisine to get access to. The meal was buffet style and the family that owned the restaurant had put up decorations. Blue Monkey before and after on this cold night was well received.

[2017] - Eviva Taverna, Lace Market

Greek restaurant – organise by Rikesh and Baptiste. Again an outing that was opened to all the group. The belly dancers and spicy food was a odd mixture to add with our American visitors. King Bily pub before and 400 rabits/Brewdog after was also an odd mix, particularly when people were starting fights..

[2018] - Korea House Restaurant, Beeston

Korean restaurant – organised by Don (with some influence from Rikesh). This was a smaller affair, going back to those around SoLS and 202 Tower. The BBQ element was good, as was the ability to move around a bit. Drinks after in the Star Inn.

[2019] - Chai Yo Thai

Thai restaurant – organised by Don. Much like last year, a smaller Christmas dinner. Further stretching of the rules this year with Victoria winning an unsanctioned ‘1064nm’ colour contest.