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Our licence servers run on optik and tuxedo. All of the licence information on optik is in /home/licences.

New licence servers should be added to tuxedo, not optik.

Adding a new licence server on optik (obsolete)

Install licence file and binaries to the correct location:

cd /home/licences/
mkdir new-service
ln bin/flexlm-bin new-service/flexlm-new-service
cp /path/to/licence-file new-service/new-service.license
cp /path/to/vendor-daemon new-service/
# now edit licence file to specify correct paths

Set up Solaris service daemon manifest:

cd /home/licences/svc/flexlm/
cp cadence.xml new-service.xml # or other pre-existing manifest file
sed -i 's/cadence/new-service/g' new-service.xml # may need gsed on optik
cd /home/licences/svc/
svcadm enable flexlm/new-service

Restarting a Licence Server

Find which process to kill, then kill it:

cd /var/tmp/.flexlm
grep new-service *

It should restart automatically. To look at whether it has restarted or not, see /var/log/licensing/.