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Current Research

I am currently doing my second year of PhD on the topic of needle ultrasonics. The aim of the project is to fabricate a tunable frequency transducers at tip of all optical fibres for producing a wide range of range of frequencies from high to low frequencies. This ultrasonic probe can be deployed in needles. Such small transducers have many potential applications in medicine and industry, such as measuring tissue properties during needle biopsies, ultrasonic guiding of needles during injections or investigating the coating properties through very small (sub mm) access very narrow spaces.


SiOS, Life Sciences Building, University Park, Applied Optic groups

Phone: +44 (0)115 9515605



November 2014- present : PhD studentship with a research project of Needle Ulrasonics, Applied Optics, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Nottingham.

2013-2014: Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine- Keele University, Guy Hilton Research Centre; MSc Biomedical Engineering

2010-2013: Keele University, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

2009-2010: Keele University, Science Foundation Year

2004-2006: Faculty and Research Centre of Islamic Azad University, Karaj, Iran; Higher National Diploma of Applied Chemistry


Frank Lally, Mitra Soorani, Timothy Woo, Sanjeev Nayak, Changez Jadun, Ying Yang, John McCrudden, Shailesh Nair, Iris Grunwald, Christine Roffe,

“In vitro experiments of cerebral blood flow during aspiration therombectomy: Potential effects on cerebral perfusion pressure and collateral flow,”[[1]]

Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery. August (2015).


IOP Anglo-French physical acoustic conference AFPAC2016, London - 2016