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| [[Victoria Ageeva]]
| [[Victoria Ageeva]]
| [[Endoscopic CHOTs for on-wing inspection]]
| [[Endoscopic CHOTs for on wing inspection]]
| [[Matt Clark]], [[Theodosia Stratoudaki]] and [[Richard Smith]]
| [[Matt Clark]], [[Theodosia Stratoudaki]] and [[Richard Smith]]

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PhD projects pages

On this page you can find a selection of current and past PhD projects in the Applied Optics Group.

Current PhD projects
Student Project title Supervisors Sponsors
Fernando Perez-Cota Nano scaled transducers for detection of Brillouin scattering in transmission on biological cells Matt Clark, Kevin Webb and Richard Smith Conacyt
David Jung Endoscopic, Spectroscopic Imaging of the Middle Ear John Birchall, Chung See, John Crowe and Mike Somekh
Son Nguyen Effects of moisturizers on human skin impedance measurement in vivo Barrie Hayes-Gill and Steve Morgan
Paul Marrow Advanced spatially resolved acousto-spectroscopic imaging Steve Sharples, Matt Clark and David Wright
Oluwatosin Bandele Novel and ubiquitous optical communication Andy Phillips and Malcolm Woolfson
Alex Johnstone Microfluidic Systems for Neuronal Cultures Noah Russell and Tomas Bellamy
Victoria Ageeva Endoscopic CHOTs for on wing inspection Matt Clark, Theodosia Stratoudaki and Richard Smith
Sidahmed Abayzeed Plasmonic Detection of Bioelectrical signals Chung See, Richard Smith, Kevin Webb and Mike Somekh
Qimei Zhang Ultrasound modulated optical tomography using contrast agents Steve Morgan and Melissa Mather
Solomon Idinyang Development of Automated Liquid Handling system for Micro-volume Injection Noah Russell and Sara Goodacre
James Williams Linguistic Theory and Neuronal Computation Noah Russell and Derek Irwin
Jiri Hromadka Developing of multiparameter fibre-optic sensor system Sergyi Korposh and Matt Clark
Matthew Butler Motion Artifact Reduction for Reflection Mode Photoplethysmography Paul Rodmell, Barrie Hayes-Gill and John Crowe
James Carpenter Low Bandwidth Laser Doppler Blood Flowmetry John Crowe and Barrie Hayes-Gill
Previous PhD projects
Student Project title Thesis Year
Rikesh Patel Ultrastable heterodyne interferometry using a modulated light camera PDF 2014