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Setting up printers is done using one of the following methods:

  • By running (as root) the appropriate suse_hacks script at install (suse_hacks_ao / suse_hacks_sios etc)
  • By running (as root) the appropriate script ( / etc) in the directory of the most recent version of suse (currently 13.1)
  • By following the instructions in /home/share/suse_hacks/printing/linux_instructions.txt

All of the following are now DEPRECATED.

How to print to the New Epson AL-C3800 printer (new 15 November 2007)

How to print to the OLD Epson colour printer (PDF). This document has been superseded by the one above.

Order form for toner for the Epson C3800 printer in room 202 (Excel spreadsheet). No toner? then order some! Delete the colours you don't need, print out the form, get a member of staff to sign it, take it to Roy Bishop on the ground floor, and collect the toner from stores when it arrives. Deprecated. Can't buy toner from Insight. Roy Bishop retired years ago.

Order forms for toner cartridges for the OLD AO Epson Colour Printers (AL-C1100). Deprecated. Note these are the old order forms, the Faculty Purchasing Office won't accept them, nor will they order toner for you.