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From Kubuntu/Ubuntu Mate 16.04+...

Using a free piece of software called Remmina, you can remote desktop into Windows PCs using RDP (remote desktop protocol)

  • Install using sudo apt-get install remmina

...into Windows 7

  • Open up Remmina desktop client and create new connection profile (top left + )
  • Put whatever name, select Protocol > RDP and enter;
  • Server > PC IP address or (search for remote desktop on Windows settings for computer name)
  • User name > ISusername
  • Domain >
  • Add local shared folders and/or change screen resolution/colour
  • Once you save and connect, it will ask you for your password

...into Windows 10 (or Windows externally)

IS has installed a remote desktop gateway for logging in securely;

  • Follow the connection profile creation as above, but now go to the advanced tab and add;
  • RD Gateway server >
  • RD Gateway username > AD/ISUsername
  • RD Gateway domain >
  • Tick the 'Server detection using RD Gateway' button