Sputter coater

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To callibrate the sputterer FTM coat to a nominal thickness then pass the sample to Rod Dykeman who'll scratch the coating and measure it using a Tallystep.

If the coating is too hard (eg ITO) then you'll have to mask out some areas using photoresist and lift off to provide an edge. This might be possible using some dabs of photoresist rather than a spincoated layer and mask exposure.

              • IMPORTANT !!!!

An ID card is required to run the sputterer. The tag must be left on the tag reader, on top of the sputterer, while the sputtering is taking place. The tag reader of the sputterer is linked to the computer (sofa), next to the sputterer. In the unlikely event that the computer needs to be restarted, the software that controls the sputterer need to be restarted as well:

  • cd /sputterer
  • sudo ./run_sputterer_access_control

You will have to provide the password for the computer (sofa) and the sputterer should then be back in working order.