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= Applied Optics Lunchtime Seminars =
= Applied Optics Lunchtime Seminars =

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Applied Optics Lunchtime Seminars

All talks are on Wednesdays at 1pm. The venue will usually be the Tower 2nd Floor Lecture Theatre unless otherwise stated. The information will also be printed on the posters, and in the emails advertising the talks.

Talks are generally every fortnight, although external speakers are welcome to give a seminar on any Wednesday that's free - please speak to or email Steve Sharples to make sure a room is available if it's not on one of the dates below.

Autumn 2008

Date Speaker Talk topic or title
15 October Steve Sharples From metres to microns: advances in the scalability of SRAS
29 October Audrey Huong

Shihong Jiang & John Walker

Differential polarisation spectroscopy

DMD-based high speed non-scanning fluorescence confocal microscopy

12 November Ahmet Arca Surface plasmons on periodic structures
26 November Valerie Pinfield Backscattering from porosity in epoxy fibre composites
1:30pm 10 December Mark Pitter Voltage-sensitive nano-particles

Spring 2009

Date Speaker Talk topic or title
14 January Mark Grubb Touching tiny lives: photoplethysmography in the delivery room
21 January* Alistair Elfick (University of Edinburgh) Near- and far-field CARS microscopy
28 January Mike Somekh / Ken Hsu The stochastic transfer function: a metric for microscope performance
11 February Roger Light and Richard Smith Development of a custom CMOS modulated light camera and its application to picosecond ultrasonics
25 February Alexander Kalashnikov Design of high resolution ultrasonic instrumentation with applications
18 March Steve Morgan Laser Doppler blood flow imaging
1 April Rob Ellwood and Ian Collison* Investigation of the fatigue process using non-linear ultrasound

* External speaker

Summer 2009

Date Speaker Talk topic or title
22 April* Sijung Hu (Loughborough University) Loughborough University opto-physiological monitoring


13 May Phil Ingrey (Division of Applied Mathematics) Left-handed media: the perfect lens with not so perfect boundaries
20 May Melissa Mather 'remedi': Regenerative Medicine - a new industry

* External speaker