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Applied Optics Lunchtime Seminars

All talks are on Wednesdays at 1pm. The venue will be the Tower 2nd Floor Lecture Theatre unless otherwise stated. The information will also be printed on the posters, and in the emails advertising the talks.

Talks are generally every fortnight, although external speakers are welcome to give a seminar on any Wednesday that's free - please speak to or email Steve Sharples to make sure a room is available if it's not on one of the dates below.

This year, I've had to shuffle a few of the dates around, so they're not quite as regular as every two weeks. This is because a few of the originally-booked dates clashed with UCAS days, and EEE want to use the lecture theatre for something on those dates.

Autumn 2009

Date Speaker Talk topic or title
21 October Matt Clark Optical detection of ultrasound on rough surfaces using speckle correlated spatial filtering
11 November Chung See / Chuang Chin-Jung Structured light microscope with proximity grating projection: imaging with NA > 3
25 November* Prof David Chen FLMM: Femtosecond Laser Multiphoton Microfabrication

* Visiting speaker

Spring 2010

Date Speaker Talk topic or title
3 February Teti Stratoudaki

Wenqi Li

Measuring material nonlinearity using frequency mixing of surface acoustic waves

Frequency spectrum spatially resolved acoustic spectroscopy for microstructure imaging

24 February Noah Russell Surface plasmon resonance imaging of neurons
17 March* Anthony Kent

(Terahertz Acoustics Group)

Terahertz phonon lasers: a big sound from nanostructures


31 March* Thalis Anaxagoras (title T.B.C.)

* Visiting speaker

Summer 2010

Date Speaker Talk topic or title
14 April* Clemens Kaminski (title T.B.C.)
28 April Said Alzebda Ultrasonic sensing of temperature of liquids using low grade piezoelectric transducers
12 May *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***
26 May Yiqun Zhu An architecture of optimised SIFT feature detection for an FPGA implementation of an image matcher
9 June *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***
23 June *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***

* Visiting speaker