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Applied Optics Lunchtime Seminars

All talks are on Tuesday or Wednesday at 1.00pm - the room is available until 2pm. The venue will be the Tower 2nd Floor Lecture Theatre unless otherwise stated. The information will also be printed on the posters, and in the emails advertising the talks.

Talks are generally every fortnight, internal volunteers and external speakers are all welcome - please speak to or email David He ( to make sure a room is available if it's not on one of the dates below.

Autumn 2012
Date Speaker Talk topic or title
17 October James Carpenter Low Bandwidth Laser Doppler Blood Flowmetry
31 October Haowen Ruan Ultrasound Modulated Optical Tomography with Digital Holography Detection
14 November Rikesh Patel Widefield two laser interferometer system using an MLC
28 November Victoriya Ageeva Endoscopic CHOTs for on-site NDT of aerospace components
11 December Fernando Perez Cota PS ultrasonics in cells
Spring 2013
Date Speaker Talk topic or title
9 January Rachel Edwards

(University of Warwick)

Non-contact Ultrasonics: from Surface Cracks to Cryogenic Probes
22 January Jing Wang Highly Sensitive Real-Time Detection of Surface Plasmon Bioanalytes with Custom CMOS Camera
29 January Roderick Mackenzie Plastic solar cells, a future source of low cost, low carbon energy
12 February Suejit Pechprasarn Confocal surface plasmon microscopy
26 February Bei Zhang Further developments of the confocal surface plasmon microscopy
12 March *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***
26 March *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***

Summer 2013
Date Speaker Talk topic or title
10 April *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***
24 April Amanda Wright Life Science Applications of Optical Trapping
8 May Ovidio Y. Peña Rodríguez

(Technical University of Madrid)

Effects of swift heavy ions on plasmonic nanoparticles
22 May *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***

28 May (UCL) *** please volunteer ***
5 June *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***
19 June *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***
3 July *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***

* Visiting speaker