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Applied Optics Lunchtime Seminars

All talks are on Tuesday or Wednesday at 1.00pm - the room is available until 2pm. The venue will be the Tower 2nd Floor Lecture Theatre unless otherwise stated. The information will also be printed on the posters, and in the emails advertising the talks.

Talks are generally every fortnight, internal volunteers and external speakers are all welcome - please speak to or email David He ( to make sure a room is available if it's not on one of the dates below.

Autumn 2013
Date Speaker Talk topic or title
12 November Silvia Orlandi

(University of Firenze and University of Bologna)

Non-invasive tool for early detection of Autism Spectrum Disorders: automatic methods for cry analysis
26 November Dr. Suejit Pechprasarn Confocal surface plasmons microscopy: An approach towards single molecule detection
11 December Prof. Michael Wale The Coming of Age of Photonic Integrated Circuit Technology
Spring 2014
Date Speaker Talk topic or title
22 January Prof. Rob Eason

(University of Southampton)

LIFT: Laser-induced forward transfer printing of solid-phase materials for photonic and electronic applications
11 February Prof. Paul Wilcox

(University of Bristol)

Wireless ultrasonic sensors and array imaging of challenging materials
25 February Dr Stephen James (Cranfield University) Engineering Applications of Optical Fibre Sensors
04 March Ben Cox (UCL) Biomedical Photoacoustic Imaging
11 March Zengbo Wang (James)

(Bangor University)

Microsphere Superlens and applications in high-resolution imaging and beyond
18 March Samuel Osei Achamfuo-Yeboah (UoN) SKED: Speckle Knife Edge Detector - Detection of ultrasound from rough surfaces
25 March Sergiy Functionalised fibre optic chemical sensors for bio-medical applications

Summer 2014
Date Speaker Talk topic or title
10 April *** available ***
23 April Kevin Webb Condenser free contrast methods in transmitted light microscopy
30 April Eleanor Stride (University of Oxford) TBC
07 May

Sandy Cochran (University of Dundee)

14 May *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***
21 May Yannick Guillet (Université de Bordeaux) TBC
28 May *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***
04 Jun *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***
11 Jun *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***
18 Jun *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***
25 Jun *** slot free *** *** please volunteer ***