Theodosia Stratoudaki

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Teti Stratoudaki

Location: Pharmacy Building – SIOS Lab Room C40 or CHOTs lab C36


Phone: (0115) 95-15556 (office)

Current Research Theodosia Stratoudaki has been developing a new breed of optical transducers (CHOTs) suitable for industrial applications. She has worked on CHOTs design, development, application, and commercialisation stage. CHOTs are activated and read optically and offer a range of advantages over the traditional contact transducers: remote, reliable, couplant free operation with low impact on the inspected structure, activated by light and eliminating the need of wires. Theodosia Stratoudaki is currently developing a portable CHOTs system for endoscopic, non destructive testing of turbine engines in collaboration with Rolls-Royce. Another research dimension has been the study of non linear behaviour of ultrasound. This research used parametric interaction between two ultrasonic beams to measure material nonlinearity and explored whether this measurement may be linked to the fatigue the material has experienced as it stems from the microscopic plastic deformation that has built up during use.

Previous Projects