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<center>[[Image:Aog_logo_shadow_transparent.png|link=|Applied Optics Group logo]]</center>
#REDIRECT [[Optics and photonics]]
Welcome to the Applied Optics Group website. The research group is a world leader in the application of optical, ultrasonic and instrumentation engineering conducting multidisciplinary research spanning physical scales from the sub-molecular to the largest structures in the solar system. The group host two platform grants in bioimaging and advanced ultrasonics. Research falls into four broad areas, with much interdisciplinary work across the group:
* [[Biomedical applications]]
* [[Integrated sensors]]
* [[Laser ultrasonics]]
* [[Microscopy and optical techniques]]
The group’s extensive facilities – which include three state-of-the-art optics laboratories, a wide range of electronic and VLSI design facilities, the [[Applied_ultrasonics|Applied Ultrasonics]] Laboratory, and the [[Sios|Space Integrated Optical Sensors (SIOS)]] laboratory – provide an exceptional environment for developing innovative technologies.
Members of the Applied Optics Group are involved the Institute of Biophysics, Imaging and Optical Science.

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