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<center>[[Image:Aog_logo_shadow_transparent.png|Applied Optics Group logo]]</center>
<center>[[Image:Aog_logo_shadow_transparent.png|Applied Optics Group logo]]</center>
<nowiki>****</nowiki> Please read the [[Wikipage instructions]]. If you could start filling up webpages I would really appreciate it.
== Welcome ==
== Welcome ==
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* [[Personal Pages]]
* [[Personal Pages]]
* [[Latex]] pearls of wisdom
* [[Latex]] pearls of wisdom
* [http://optics.eee.nottingham.ac.uk/weather.php Best local weather forecast]
=== External links ===
=== External links ===

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Welcome to the Applied Optics Group Wiki. These web pages are primarily a resource for members of the Applied Optics Group, in the Electrical Systems and Optics Research Division within the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham. They are viewable to the outside world and may contain information of interest to others. It is a place for useful information, and personal and project homepages.

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Contributing to the wiki

Getting a log-in

If you're a member of the Applied Optics Group you are encouraged to add to and edit/amend this wiki - for example if you've got generally useful knowledge about something you'd like to share, or perhaps want to add a resource to the list of AO resources. To do so you should:

  1. Request a login AND
  2. Send an email to Roger.Light or Steve.Sharples to say you've done so (annoyingly, the wiki doesn't automatically tell us that there are account requests pending).

Getting started

See the links on the left (below the Applied Optics Group logo)? Click the Help link.

The easiest way to start is to learn by example... have a look at the source for a wiki page similar to the one you want to create.

Or have a look at the Wikitext examples.

Here's a page about uploading and including images and documents.

Or you could consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

(The stuff below is for admins... ignore)