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This page will be used to keep templates for various research outputs, e.g. Powerpoint templates. If you want to add an updated version, upload a file (or indicate a location), put down a date, the author, and some notes.

Date Type Uploader File Notes
2018-07-03 Poster (latex) Rikesh Patel File:180105 postertemplate.zip


Updated poster template, logos are now vectors, smaller background image
2017-11-01 Powerpoint presentation (not for Impress) Rikesh Patel File:171101 template.ppt


Used official University slide pictures, reduced colour saturation and animation, added correct looking logos
2018-01-05 Poster (latex) Rikesh Patel File:180105 postertemplate.zip


Used washed out version from University poster template, simple to use;

Change portrait/landscape by commenting out papersize and background lines

Change number of columns under poster settings

Add extra boxes by copy and pasting \headerbox segments

2018-01-08 LibreOffice presentation (Impress) Rikesh Patel File:180108 templateImpress.zip


Tried to recreate the above template in LibreOffice Impress, remember to save as .pdf for compatibility