Developing of multiparameter fibre-optic sensor system

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The possible use of fibre optic sensors (FOSs) has been proposed for a great range of applications during the last decade. Chemical sensors in particular are of the highest interest.

Fibre optic long period grating (LPG) sensors have been successfully presented as highly sensitive sensors of physical factors, but the nano-scale coating represent the key element for chemical sensing. Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) due to their properties represent the ideal materials for chemical sensing while optical fibres solve the problem with the signal transduction.

The main aim of the project is discussion and evaluation the possibilities of use of the fibre optic chemical sensors with functional coating for multi-parameter measurement and put the idea in the practice by fabrication of the sensor or sensing array.

The possible use of different types of MOFs deposited on the optical fibre LPG as the selective material which enable chemical – particularly VOCs sensing will be considered and the sensor will be developed.

The concern will be given to the potential environmental and air quality applications which include the gas monitoring or other chemical analysis.

The potential implementation of LPG coated by MOF to the multi-parameter sensing array and the use of this array in the real environment will be investigated.