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Anas is a PhD student and his PhD topic is: "Simulation and Design of External Cavity High-Power Lasers". He is investigating the impact of optical feedback on the performance of high-power lasers. It is well known that high-power lasers are mostly operated in an external cavity configurations, involving at least collimation and focusing optics. The optical feedback in some cases can be deliberate and designed to improve the laser output beam or required for wavelength stabilization. In other cases the feedback comes in the form of stray reflections from all of the optical elements, lenses/fibre tips, within the external cavity.

His work involves developing a simulation code that interfaces an in-house laser simulation tool, Speclase, to a commercial ray-trace software, Optic Studio (Zemax). While Speclase simulates the laser diode, Optic Studio simulates the laser output beam propagation in the external cavity.


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