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PhD projects pages

On this page you can find a selection of current and past PhD projects in the Applied Optics Group.

Current PhD projects
Student Project title Supervisors Sponsors
Fernando Perez-Cota Nano scaled transducers for detection of Brillouin scattering in transmission on biological cells Matt Clark, Kevin Webb and Richard Smith Conacyt
David Jung Endoscopic, Spectroscopic Imaging of the Middle Ear John Birchall, Chung See, John Crowe and Mike Somekh
Son Nguyen Effects of moisturizers on human skin impedance measurement in vivo Barrie Hayes-Gill and Steve Morgan
Paul Marrow Advanced spatially resolved acousto-spectroscopic imaging Steve Sharples, Matt Clark and David Wright Rolls-Royce
Oluwatosin Bandele Multi-channel & multi-hop free space optical communication Andy Phillips and Malcolm Woolfson
Alex Johnstone Microfluidic Systems for Neuronal Cultures Noah Russell and Tomas Bellamy
Victoria Ageeva Endoscopic CHOTs for on-wing inspection Matt Clark, Theodosia Stratoudaki and Richard Smith
Sidahmed Abayzeed Plasmonic Detection of Bioelectrical signals Chung See, Richard Smith, Kevin Webb and Mike Somekh
Qimei Zhang Ultrasound modulated optical tomography using contrast agents Steve Morgan and Melissa Mather
Solomon Idinyang Development of automated liquid handling system for micro-volume injection Noah Russell and Sara Goodacre
James Williams Linguistic Theory and Neuronal Computation Noah Russell and Derek Irwin
Jiri Hromadka Developing of multiparameter fibre-optic sensor system Sergyi Korposh and Matt Clark
Matthew Butler Motion artifact reduction for reflection mode photoplethysmography Paul Rodmell, Barrie Hayes-Gill and John Crowe
James Carpenter Low bandwidth laser Doppler blood flowmetry John Crowe and Barrie Hayes-Gill
Mina Mossayebi Use of plasmonic and photonic structures to enhance optical trapping Eric Larkins and Amanda Wright
Aishah Mustapha Optical and ultrasound techniques for probing and modulating the nano-mechanical properties of live cells Amanda Wright and Melissa Mather
Junaid Ahmed Ultrasound modulated tomography for high sensitivity, high spatial resolution 3D imaging Steve Morgan and Melissa Mather
Victoria Ciampani - Matt Clark and Kevin Webb
Jethro Coulson SRAS Technology Development Steve Sharples, Mike Somekh and Chung See Renishaw
Tiva Eftekhar Khansari Research into the optimisation of spectral quality to improve plant growth and development Barrie Hayes-Gill, John Crowe and Erik Murchie
Rafael Fuentes Nanoparticle acoustic transducers Matt Clark, Richard Smith and Steve Sharples
David Gomez Fibre optic sensing in intelligent textiles Steve Morgan, Barrie Hayes-Gill and Sergiy Korposh
Anas Hashmi Differential ultrasonic calorimeter for accurate measurement of thermal losses in machinery Alexander Kalashnikov and Roger Light
Mohamad Anas Helal Simulation and design of external cavity lasere diodes for industrial applications Eric Larkins, Andy Philips and Steve Bull
Francisco Ulises Hernandez Development of optical fibre sensors for novel endotracheal tubes Steve Morgan, Barrie Hayes-Gill and Sergiy Korposh
Nitzan Herzog Fast neurmodulatory switching in neuronal culture Noah Russell and Mark Fromhold
Colin Horne Modelling of the electrically stimulated ANF Alexander Kalashnikov, Bernhard Seeber and Chris Sumner
Carmel Howe Novel sensor technology for detecting neural activity Noah Russell and Mark Fromhold
Rohan Nandkumar Kakade Noise analysis of advance microscopy Andy Phillips, Mike Somekh and John Walker
Chong Liu A combined optical and electrical textile for non-invasive physiological monitoring Barrie Hayes-Gill
Mohammed Hossein Mani Synchronisation of vascular ultrasonic scans with heart activity using ECG signals Alexander Kalashnikov and Barrie Hayes-Gill
Afamefuna Maduka Mbah Novel and hybrid fibre and wireless optical access networks performance evaluation Andy Phillips and John Walker
Shiemaa Sidahmed Sidahmed Heart rate monitoring on babies who need to be resuscitated Barrie Hayes-Gill, Alexander Kalashnikov and Roger Light
Mitra Soorani Needle size diagnostic tool Matt Clark, Kevin Webb, Sergiy Korposh and Jon Aylott
Nutthawut Suchato Ultrasonic instrumentations for automated assessment of corrosion in sea vessels Alexander Kalashnikov and Steve Sharples
Bo Tan Non-destructive testing for thermal barrier coating Steve Sharples, Matt Clark and Xianghui Hou
Ross Thomson Human Factor Medical Devices Jennifer Martin and Sarah Sharples
Sinead Tobin Nano ultrasonics ... Matt Clark and Richard Smith
Wan Suhaimizan Wan Zaki Design and Development of textile based fibre optics sensor for biomedical applications Steve Morgan, Barrie Hayes-Gill, Shen Sun and Sergiy Korposh
Nicholas Wells Bioinspired nano network signal extraction & insertion Andy Phillips, Chung See and Melissa Mather
Zhuge Yan - John Walker
Fan Zhang Modelling of ultrasound modulated optical tomography Steve Morgan and John Crowe
Pieter Smid Adaptive Optics in Microscopy Amanda Wright, Melissa Mather
Previous PhD projects and theses
Student Project title Thesis Year
Rikesh Patel Ultrastable heterodyne interferometry using a modulated light camera PDF 2014
Rob Ellwood The effect of microstructure and fatigue on the acoustoelastic response of aerospace materials PDF 2012
Ahmet Arca The design and optimisation of nanophotonic devices using the Finite Element Method PDF 2010
Roger Light Design and implementation of an integrating modulated light camera PDF 2008
Mengxiong Li 5 GHz Optical Front End in 0.35um CMOS PDF 2007
Steve Sharples All-Optical Scanning Acoustic Microscope PDF 2003