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Applied Optics Lunchtime Seminars

Autumn 2005
Date Speaker Talk topic or title
20 October Steve Sharples SRAS - a new ultrasonic technique for determining critical material properties
27 October Paul Rodmell New Bio-imaging technology - hyperspectral
3 November* Mike Lowe (IC) A non-intrusive guided wave method for detecting blockages in pipes
10 November* Mike Harris (Qinetiq) Laser anemometry for wind energy applications
17 November* Andrew Tze Koh (SChEME) Aggregate sizing on a conveyor belt
24 November* Peter Török (IC) 1000Gb DVDs
1 December Chunhua Li Ultrasound modulated light imaging in scattering medium: simulation and experimental study
8 December* Clement Rossignol (University of Bordeaux) Measurement of elastic stiffnesses of (sub-)micrometric films by picosecond ultrasonics
15 Decemeber* Prof Hywel Morgan (Elec and Comp Sci, Southampton) Microfluidic chips for high speed multiparameter particle analysis: applications in genomics

Spring 2006
Date Speaker Talk topic or title
12 January Diwei He Laser Doppler Blood Flow Camera
19 January* Alison Rodger (Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick) Looking at long molecules: what happens when they are subjected to Couette flow
26 January Chayut Kongsavatsak Laser Doppler Flow Camera
2 February* Steve Matcher (Exeter University) Birefringence and second-harmonic optical imaging of biological tissues
9 February Matt Clark Projecting coherence through randomness
16 February* David Lara (NUI Galway) Three-dimensional complete polarisation sensitive imaging
23 February Trevor Benson Design Tools for Photonics: Rising to the Challenge
2 March Teti Stratoudaki CHeap Optical Transducers: Stripes will make your frequency spectrum look ... thinner!
9 March Quan Gu "Laser Doppler Blood Flow Camera -- An Analogue System-on-Chip Design
16 March* Andy Harvey (Heriot-Watt University) New concepts in imaging: real-time spectral imaging and wavefront coding
30 March Ed Morris The dependence of the attenuation of light upon mu_a and omega in scattering media
6 April Kuldip Modha Circuits for Ultra Wideband Breast Cancer Imaging
13 April Mark Grubb Intelligent Clothing for Monitoring Health and Safety at Work
20 April Yiqun Zhu FPGA Based Generic CMOS Camera Research & Development Platform
27 April Ian Stockford Polarized Light Capillaroscopy for Sickle Cell Disease Assessment

Autumn 2006
No organised talks

Spring 2007
No organised talks

* Visiting speaker