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Applied Optics Lunchtime Seminars

All talks are on Wednesdays at 1pm. The venue will be printed on the posters, and in the emails advertising the talks.

Talks are generally every fortnight, although external speakers are welcome to give a seminar on any Wednesday that's free.

Autumn 2007

Date Speaker Talk topic or title
14 November Steve Morgan Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy of Superficial Tissue
28 November Chen Qian (Ryan)

Wide Field Surface Plasmon Enhanced Nonlinear Microscopy

12 December John Crowe

The dependence of attenuation on optical absorption coefficient using a cumulant expansion of the temporal point spread function

Spring 2008

Date Speaker Talk topic or title
9 January Mike Somekh

Structured light microscopy: a propabilistic approach to resolution

23 January John Walker

Novel Methods for Optical Characterisation of Nano-Particles

20 February Chung See

Optical imaging on the nanoscopic scale

5 March Xuesheng Chen

Design and experimental study of microcantilever ultrasonic wave detection transducers

19 March Qun Zhu

Rotating orthogonal polarization imaging

Summer 2008

All seminars begin at 1pm unless otherwise indicated.

Date Venue Speaker Talk topic or title
2 April 2nd floor lecture theatre Andrew Koh

What's above: image segmentation of particles using multi-flash imaging applied to automated particle size analysis

16 April 11th floor conference room Richard Smith

Parallel detection of GHz ultrasound

7 May* 2nd floor lecture theatre Mike Fay (Nottingham Nanocentre)

Nottingham Nanocentre electron microscopy facilities

21 May* 2nd floor lecture theatre Gerard Byrne

Non-fluorescent Total Internal Reflection Microscopy (TIRM) for Live Cell Imaging (alternative poster)

4 June* Biology B1 seminar room Francesco Simonetti (Imperial College)

On the encoding of subwavelength information by multiple scattering (Abstract)

Thursday 19 June* 11th floor conference suite 2pm Wiendelt Steenbergen (University of Twente, The Netherlands)

Full field perfusion imaging

Monday 8 August* 11th floor conference room 11am Alan Greenaway (Heriot-Watt University)

Volumetric, time-sequenced imaging

* External speaker

Steve Sharples