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To provide automatic design kit configuration for all ADS users, copy /home/share/packages/ads/custom/design_kits to <ads_install_dir>/custom/. This provides configuration for the AMS C35 and UMC L180 processes. If you want to add support for further processes, edit design_kits/ads.lib.



If you specify nets to be extracted or want to have power supply nets labelled during extraction, Assura will use labprint which has glibc issues. To get around this problem, copy $ASSURADIR/tools/assura/bin/64bit/labprint to $ASSURADIR/tools/assura/bin/32bit/labprint and $ASSURADIR/tools/assura/bin/labprint. This only works for 64 bit machines obviously, but I've not found a solution that will allow 32 bit labprint to run.

Voltage Storm (IC Package 5.1)

Replace $CDSDIR/tools/sev/bin/vsa2 with:


export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/eee/vlsi/Cadence/2006/IC/tools/dfII/lib:/eee/vlsi/Cadence/2006/IC/tools/lib
/eee/vlsi/Cadence/2006/IC/tools/sev/bin/32bit/vsa2 $*

Install libtermcap.

zypper install termcap termcap-32bit

IC Package 6.1

  • To make icons available for library display settings, copy them (as png) to $CDSDIR/share/cdssetup/icons/16x16/


If you want Matlab support you must give a Matlab path when installing otherwise some components will not be installed. After installation, edit <comsol_install_path>/bin/comsol to set the Matlab path as desired. The way I have this configured to work with the VPM installed Matlab (which may be one of many versions) is:

# Matlab version stuff is custom for EEE.

ML_VERSIONS="2007a r14sp3"

for v in ${ML_VERSIONS}; do
    if [ -d ${ML_PKGDIR}/${v} ]; then


CoWare PlatformArchitect 2006.1 has problems with its old version of gcc (3.4.4) and linking to glibc on modern systems. To get around this, I've found older compatible versions of a number of files that it uses. They reside in /home/share/packages/coware/lib/ and are crt1.o, libc_nonshared.a and They should be copied to /eee/vlsi/coware/PlatformArchitect/2006.1/linux/gnu/gcc-3.4.4/lib/ or somewhere similar. If the path changes, you may need to edit For what it's worth, is a modified version of /usr/lib/, libc_nonshared.a is from /eee/vlsi/Cadence/2006/IUS/tools.lnx86/systemc/lib/compat/libc_nonshared.a and crt1.o is from /eee/vlsi/Cadence/2006/IUS/tools.lnx86/systemc/lib/compat/crt1.o.


See this page about getting Eagle to use the EEE licence properly.

Xilinx ISE

Up to ISE version 9.2, the default method for programming FPGA chips involved installing a WinDriver kernel module. This is horrid and causes problems whenever the kernel is upgraded. Using libusb-driver from allows a much more reliable experience. On a new install, copy /home/share/packages/xilinx/ise/libusb to <ise_install_dir>/. You'll also need to edit /home/vlsitree/updating/packages.d/ to ensure that the the files get copied to the correct place.