Installing MTEX for Matlab

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Installing MTEX for Matlab

MTEX is an open source "MATLAB Toolbox for Quantitative Texture Analysis" and is useful for EBSD data manipulation and for SRAS orientation imaging.

Although the software has been downloaded and is on the shared network drive, you have to tell Matlab about it on each PC you wish to use it. Here's how.

  • Run matlab
cd /home/share/matlab/mtex-3.2.1
  • Press "Y" when asked if you want to install the software, then enter the root password for that PC
  • Quit matlab

The following you should only have to do once:

  • Find your startup.m script, which Matlab runs each time you start it up. It will probably be one of the following:
  • Edit this file, and add the following line to it:

You will find that if you then launch Matlab on the PC which you've installed MTEX on, it will do whatever it needs to do at the beginning to initialise itself. On PCs where you haven't installed it, it will throw up a harmless error when you start Matlab.