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Matt Clark

Matt Clark is the head of the optics and photonics research group and the director of research excellence for the Faculty of Engineering.

He trained as a Physicist at Imperial College and Manchester University. Following this he worked as a research associate at the University of Nottingham (UoN) to develop novel techniques for generating and controlling laser ultrasound. In 2000 he was awarded an EPSRC Advanced Fellowship to investigate acoustical aberrations and adaptive acoustics and in 2005 an EPSRC Challenging Engineering award for the development on smart optical sensors and in 2013 was awarded a second EPSRC Challenging Engineering award for developing nanoscale ultrasonic imaging techniques. He also leads on the Nottingham Nano Fabrication Facility (NNFF) [1] at the nmRC[2] supported by an EPSRC Strategic Equipment.

His research covers a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects in optics, ultrasonics, nano and meta materials and instrumentation. He has over 100 publications in these areas. You can find more information here: Laser ultrasonics.

Selected papers: [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

Phone: office: +44 (0)115 95 15536, lab: +44 (0)115 95 15386

Location: Tower 607, Pharmacy C38 SIOS, Tower 202

Email:(< at > matt.clark

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-1284-3182


EPSRC Pixelated, dynamic, surface plasmon based sensors GR/R73041 2004 £ 155k
EPSRC Adaptive acoustics GR/A01213 2005 £ 208k
UoN RSF CHOTs 2005 £ 24k
FP6 / EU AERONEWS FP6-502927 2008 £ 3M
EPSRC Advanced ultrasonic techniques for highly scattering ordered and semi ordered materials EP/C517229 2008 £ 176k
EPSRC High performance integrated wavefront sensors GR/T22773 2008 £ 333k
EPSRC Exotic ultrasonics for the real world EP/C512758 2008 £ 305k
EPSRC Cheap optical transducers (CHOTs) EP/C512375 2008 £ 306k
EPSRC Parallel near-field optical microscopy EP/C534697 2009 £ 523k
EPSRC Space integrated optical sensors (SIOS) EP/D030129 2011 £ 520k
EPSRC / BT Conversing with cells at the fundamental level EP/E014690 2007 £ 100k
UoN IDTC nanoIDTC 2009 £ 40k
ESA ITI Imaging LIDAR ITI 2008 £ 50k
TSB / DTI  % Fatigue 2010 £ 281k
UoN / BTG Nano-ultrasonic transducers 2009 £ 3k
UoN / CAA CHOTs demonstrator A2E022 2009 £ 15k
UoN / KTI Optical transducers H20521 2009 £ 23k
EPSRC Advanced ultrasonics platform EP/G061661 2014 £ 845k
EPSRC Equipment to underpin aerospace research at Nottingham EP/H049746 2010 £ 1.3M
EMDA Spatial Resolved Acoustic Spectroscopy 2011 £ 185k
RR Endoscopic CHOTs 2010 £ 18k
UoN/CCA CA Award (CHOTs) 2010 £ 7k
EPSRC / KTS Optical Transducers for NDE Applications 2010 £ 45k
EPSRC /CDFA Let Nano Fly! EP/I016813 2012 £ 248k
EPSRC Commercialisation of CHOTs EP/J013900/1 2014 £ 150k
EPSRC Nano-agents for read / write microscopy and nano-macro bridging EP/K021877/1 2018 £ 1.5M
EPSRC Nottingham Nano Fabrication Facility (strategic equipment) £ 1.5M
RCNDE/EPSRC Ultrasonics of small things £23k
RCNDE NDE for additive manufacture EP/L022125/1 £828k
RR RR5.4 SRAS Integrated Inspection £436k
Royal Society Nano-acoustic imaging IEC/R3/170081 £12k
EPSRC NanoPrime: Maximising Equipment and Expertise Sharing in Nanoscience EP/R025282/1 £202k
EPSRC SRAS for intelligent machining (CoaIMStAtAViSCTAC) EP/S013377/1 £577k