Matthew Butler

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Matthew Butler

Matthew is a PhD student in the University of Nottingham's Applied Optics Group researching Motion artifact reduction for reflection mode photoplethysmography.




Lab: (0115) 9515112


Room 1003, Tower Building,
The University of Nottingham,
University Park,


After completing his Masters degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Nottingham, he started his PhD research in the Applied Optics Group. The research was initially funded by the EPSRC, but then later converted to a CASE award with Tioga Ltd., an electronics manufacturing company based in Derby, UK. From October 2015, Matthew works part-time at Tioga primarily on the HeartLight project, but also on other unrelated development work. The work with HeartLight is very closely related to the PhD research.


Matthew completed flight training in late 2015, obtaining a Private Pilot's License for single-engined-light (SEL) aircraft. The two aircraft types currently flown are the Cessna C152 and the Piper PA28-161/181.

Aerial photo of the University of Nottingham, taken by instructor during flight training.