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Most of the ThorLabs stages (tip-tilt, rotation, ect.) we have are part of the APT family and use the same communications protocol. An overview of the protocol and commands can be found here (Rev 27, accessed Aug 2021). A package apt_control exists for the control of these stages, unfortunately, we have had to hard-code a number of parameters so each stage has its own dedicated version (this is partly laziness and could be fixed in the future). Switching between commands for DC stages, if applicable, and updating the distance/velocity conversion factors may be all you need to get it working for your stage, getting sensible responses from get_info is a good start. Current working versions:

BBD302 Benchtop DC controller, hardcoded for 2 axis MLS203 - /home/scan/source/hardware/apt_control

BSC201 Benchtop stepper controller, hardcoded for 1 rotation axis HDR50/M - /home/scan/source/hardware/apt_control/apt_control_lib2

MLJ150 Motorized lab jack - /home/scan/source/hardware/thorlabs_lab_jack

TDC001 old T-cube controllers, written for the focus lens on the Tempo - /home/scan/source/hardware/thorlabs_tempo_focus